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Welcome to Gosport and Royan’s Official Twinning Website 2017!

Welcome to the Gosport – Royan website which provides an introduction to our Twinning Association, its aims, history and achievements.

Gosport’s twinning with Royan has been one of the Town’s success stories for more than half a century.

I have asked one of our longest serving Twinners Alderman Graham Hewitt to summarise our fifty three years of Twinning – see below.

Successive Councils have continually supported this unique friendship which despite all the life changes is still as relevant to us today as it was more than half a century ago. Representatives of the two towns met for the first time on July 15th 1959 when Gosport Mayor Councillor Charles Giles and the Mayor of Royan, Admiral Hubert, exchanged Twinning Charters.

The great success of the Gosport and Royan twinning is without doubt due to enthusiasm and
dedication of the respective twinning Committees.

The 50th anniversary of this event was marked by a renewal of the charters in colourful civic ceremonies in Gosport and Royan. Now recognised as probably the oldest and most successful twinnings in the UK, it has embraced a huge range of activities with activities arranged every year.

Sport has always been a dominant feature of the twinning with rugby, football, sailing, judo, golf and shooting just a few of the annual events. Other activities include cultural, photography, Rotary, concerts and church services have enriched the twinning so that we can claim the Gosport – Royan twinning has something for everybody. It is the family twinnings which have proved the most popular and long lasting bringing the fun of the exchanges to another generation.

There are permanent reminders of the twinning in each town – on arrival visitors are greeted by the Royan Gardens and Royan Esplanade in Gosport and the Gosport Quay in Royan. On the 40th anniversary of the twinning, Gosport gave the citizens the highest honour of the Borough by making them “Freemen of Gosport”.

Graham Hewitt

I was honoured, this year, to have been chosen as the Chairman of the Gosport Twinning Committee. The Twinning Association has now been in existence for 58 years, since 1959, and has seen many long lasting friendships formed and developed over the years. It is hoped that this can continue well into the future.
Thanks must go to Di Dobinson who has been the Secretary for some years, but who has now handed over the reins to her successor Richard (Dixie) Dickson. He has already started things off in a positive and pro-active way. I know he will do a good job, especially as he has family in France who live close to Royan. On his frequent visits to his family he will be able to liaise personally with Arlette, his counterpart in Royan, (and no doubt top-up his supplies of red wine). Thank you Dixie for volunteering your services, it is much appreciated. We look forward to a successful future.

Councillor Diane Furlong, Chairman

Mayor of Gosport 2018-19

Mayor of Gosport 2018-19

The Gosport French Circle (Le Cercle Français de Gosport) aims to provide a meeting place and a programme of events for those interested in France, the French language and things French, with opportunities to hear and speak “la langue française”.
To access their website click on the link below

The French Circle

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New Mayor of Gosport
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