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Gosport is a town, district and borough situated on the south coast of England, within the county of Hampshire. It has approximately 80,000 permanent residents with a further 5,000-10,000 during the summer months. It is part of the South Hampshire conurbation and lies on a peninsula on the western side of Portsmouth Harbour opposite the City of Portsmouth, to which it is linked by a pedestrian ferry.

Up until the last quarter of the 20th century, Gosport was a major naval and military town associated with the defence and supply infrastructure of Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Portsmouth. As a result of a decline in these activities, many of its fortifications and installations, such as Fort Brockhurst, have been opened to the public as tourism and heritage sites, with extensive redevelopment of the harbour area as a marina.


The Gosport Waterfront Trail

The Gosport Waterfront Trail is nearly 3kms long and will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Please allow extra time to visit the attractions on the way. The promenade is mainly flat and is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. However, please do check assessibility with each attraction.
Download a copy of the trail map here.

Our Beaches

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Stokes Bay:

Lee on the Solent:

Useful website: www.discovergosport.co.uk

Our 3 Marinas

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Haslar Marina:
Address: Haslar Rd, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1NU
Website: www.deanreddyhoff.co.uk/haslar-marina

Gosport Premier Marina:
Address: Mumby Rd, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1AH
Website: www.premiermarinas.com/pages/gosport_marina_portsmouth_harbour

Royal Clarence Marina:
Address: Weevil Lane, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1AX
Website: www.royalclarencemarina.org

Useful website: www.discovergosport.co.uk

The Royal Navy

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The town has a strong military history – notably with the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy Submarine Museum is home to the Royal Navy’s first submarine, Holland 1 and HMS Alliance – a World War Two submarine one can explore.

Address: The Royal Navy Submarine Museum.
Haslar Jetty Road, Gosport, Hampshire. PO12 2AS

Website: www.submarine-museum.co.uk


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Explosion! tells the story of naval firepower from gunpowder to modern missiles. This modern, interactive museum is housed in historic buildings at Priddy’s Hard, the Navy’s former armaments depot, with views across Portsmouth Harbour.

Address: Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower,
Heritage Way, Priddy’s Hard, Gosport, Hampshire. PO12 4LE

Website: www.explosion.org.uk

Fort Brockhurst

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Fort Brockhurst is one of the “Palmerston‘s Follies”, built in the 1850s to defend Portsmouth Harbour against threats of a French invasion. A central exhibition explains Palmerston’s plans to defend the key naval port. Nearby is the Gosport Aviation Heritage Museum, dedicated to the development of the Royal Air Force. The fort is owned by English Heritage.

Address: Gunners Way, Gosport, Hampshire. PO12 4DS

Website: www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/fort-brockhurst



Gosport is one of the largest towns in Britain without an operational railway station. The Gosport Ferry provides quick access to Portsmouth Harbour railway station, terminus of the Portsmouth Direct Line to London. Due to heavy traffic this ferry is very well used: it can also be used by motorcycles.


Exit the M27 at Junction 11 and follow the signs to the A32 and Gosport. After bearing left at the first roundabout, take the righthand fork, signposted Newgate Lane, and follow the road over the bridge, across the mini-roundabouts, until you reach a main roundabout. Take the second exit, marked ‘Lee-on-the-Solent’ and follow the road for about 2 miles until you reach the seafront at Lee. For Gosport town centre and the Harbour, turn left and follow the shoreline for about 3 miles; turning right at the Kingfisher Caravan Park to go to Stokes Bay.


Southampton Airport is the closest airport and is a short drive along the M27.

Jul 1, 2 years ago
New Mayor of Gosport
Councillor Lynda Batty was made Mayor of Gosport www.mayorofgosport.co.uk for the Municipal Year 2017-2018. You can visit her website here and find out what she’s up to!...
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